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It's official, Macromedia is now 'formerly Macromedia'

The deal was finalised last week, but starting today the macromedia.com website has been slightly restyled(*) and heads 'Adobe, formerly macromedia'

What this means for Director, Shockwave, and ultimately SPi-V is unclear, but I have no reason to believe things will change dramatically in the near future. Director is still Macromedia Director, so SPi-V 1.3 will probably still launch 'powered by Macromedia Shockwave'...

(*) As a tribute to macromedia, I am going to stick with the original Macromedia gradient I ripped for the Director subtheme on hoeben.net ;-)

Splitscreen panoramas

Finishing up a SPi-V release can get a bit... boring at times. I mean, it's great to see people come up with creative uses of the engine, but staring at code to get that last bug out is not much fun. So yesterday evening I gave myself some time off to teach SPi-V a new trick I wanted to do for a long time now: splitscreen viewing


SPi-V turns 1

Today marks the one year anniversary of the initial release of SPi-V!

A year ago, SPi-V was the first publically available, cross platform, hardware accelerated panorama viewer. In it's first year SPi-V has matured thanks to your feedback as SPi-V developpers and panoramic photographers. The next release of the engine is only days away and brings many new features and improvements.

This event is cause for celebration ofcourse, and as a special thank you to the panoramic community, will be giving away free domain licenses.


Spark conference panoramas

Today's the first conference day of Spark, Europe's Premier Flash Event. I am looking forward to being inspired, and learning about where Flash is heading. Panorama-wise, I am ofcourse more of a Shockwave person, but for my new job at Avinity I am doing more and more flash work...

I took two pano's this morning, at Guy Watson's session about Actionscript 3, and Mike Chambers' talk about Flash/javascript interaction. Neither of them are up to my normal standards, but I wanted to make a point of getting panoramas posted within at least a couple of hours of shooting them. So there will probably be some stitcherrors in these panos...

Safari offset redux...

Oh dear... Seems there may be more to the Safari offset problem/fix. After playing Shockwave 3d content (any hardware accellerated content, not just SPi-V), Quicktime VR file display with an offset.

To repro, first open this link on Apple.com showing Times Square. Notice how it displays where it should, horizontally centered in the frame.

Now open a Shockwave 3d piece in the same window (such as Xonko.com's Cooper Mini). Hurray! Using the latest version of Safari, that displays as it should as well.

Exhibition stitchathon

My new exhibition at Galerie in de Weg opens this sunday, and lasts through januari. Last year, I had 2 shorter exhibits at the same gallery, and I'm quite psyched I'm getting the chance to do it again (thanks Ianus and Anneke). This year's exhibition is entitled 'expositie van 4 kanten' (which is a pun that does not really translate well).

Tessa is always trying to convince me that I have enough panoramas to show, but being my masochistic self I decided I needed all new prints and all new panoramas. So this weekend I held a full out stitchathon, working my way through what seemed like endless piles of unstitched panoramas, searching for that set of panoramas that I could do a square projection of (without using the same hyperbolic projection over and over again). So apart from the prints, I ended up with some rather nice new fullscreen panoramas too - though totally unrelated from eachother. Click each of the images below for the fullscreen panorama


WWPano: The middle of foggy nowhere

A couple of weeks ago, the 7th World Wide Panorama project was launched. This time over, the theme was 'energy'.

At the time of the event (late september) there were these very good looking foggy mornings. I knew this as I travel a lot by train in the early morning for my new job. So I decided to get up early on one of my fieldOfView days, and take a panorama of the foggy grasslands (there's also the fullscreen panorama, but you'll like the SPi-V version better. I made sure there were some powerlines in the panorama too, to fit in with the theme...


OS X 10.4.3: 3d offset bug FIXED!

Thomas Higgins picks up on my note on dir3d-l (after Iwan Baan told me) that OS X 10.4.3 has just been released and it finally fixes the 3d offset bug that has been paguing Shockwave 3d (and SPi-V) on Safari since version 1 (and the betas before).

Webkit nightly build(2)

The webkit nightly builds are pretty sweet in combination with SPi-V. The fieldOfView fullscreen panorama gallery now contains an experimental build that detects the nightly build and disables the fixes that were necessary before. SPi-V goodness in Safari at last!

To celebrate, I updated the panoramas to include the screensaver behavior scriptlet from SPi-V dev, through a nice new feature of the upcoming SPi-V 1.3. Leave the panorama alone for a good couple of seconds, and it will start to automatically show you around...

Webkit nightly build with Shockwave 3d fix available!

The latest, publically available nightly build of Webkit finally fixes the Shockwave 3d offset bug!

So, the good news is that SPi-V will run better in Safari in the foreseeable future, when this version of Webkit makes it to an official release of Safari. If you use the current version of SPi-V (eg the fullscreen panoramas gallery) with the new nightly build, you will see a black bar at the top of the window, whereas there used to be a black bar at the bottom.



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