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Spark conference panoramas

Today's the first conference day of Spark, Europe's Premier Flash Event. I am looking forward to being inspired, and learning about where Flash is heading. Panorama-wise, I am ofcourse more of a Shockwave person, but for my new job at Avinity I am doing more and more flash work...

I took two pano's this morning, at Guy Watson's session about Actionscript 3, and Mike Chambers' talk about Flash/javascript interaction. Neither of them are up to my normal standards, but I wanted to make a point of getting panoramas posted within at least a couple of hours of shooting them. So there will probably be some stitcherrors in these panos...


Click the image to have a look at Guy Watson's session in the Paradiso main hall. While his talk seemed to lack some structure, I did get what Actionscript 3 is all about: Making a clean cut with the past of Actionscript, and putting everything in classes.

Notice how I am depressing the wired remote release, and the camera's shadow on the guy to my right ;-)


Mike Chambers' session started out with surprisingly low attendance, but the session picked up soon after I packed up my camera and got back in to the audience... Oh well, it never hurts to have a panorama of a well-known Macromedia blogger if you're using a Macromedia technology to display your panoramas (even if it's not Flash)... 

Update: Two more panoramas


Between all the tech heavy Flash 8, Actionscript 3, Flex 2, animation veteran Max Kisman's animation session was a nice breather... His home-brew mix of grabs of the VPRO bumpers might not have been for everyone. I don't think he even opened Flash in this session (though I shamefully admit that I can not be sure... I left halfway; too many sessions, too little time).


The sessions at Spark that are interesting to me are basically divided between the newer directions of Flash and Actionscript (ie: Flex/Zorn stuff), and cool inspiring "what's new in Flash 8 / see what I can do" sessions. Unfortunately, I basically have to chose each time, and I am a bad chooser. I missed Andre Michelle's session on Flash 8's expressiveness, for some Flex 2 / AS3 sessions that proved less interesting than I thought. At least I attended Martijn de Visser's and Ralph Hauwert's session for inspiration.

Again, these are very quick stitches, to get with the moment. Also I am not normally so narcissistic to be in so many of my own panoramas, but I did not want to disturb the speakers by getting up and hopping 'round the camera. 

Update day 2: 


More Macromedians at the Flash 8 panel: from left to right Mike, Shawn, Carolyn, Doug, Emilio and Gilles (hope I got those names right, I'll look up the last names later). 


Very cool panos and the fade in effect with motion is also quite cool (and new?). Kisman is definitely cool and old-school. The remote release connection has a strange mid-air ending, you have to digitally cut it somwhere, like an umbilical cord... I am of course looking for the uitreiking panorama, but that didn't work.

Admin: removed link...

Nice way of forcing me into posting the panorama soon, or the link you posted will for always feed 404's to my server-stats  (spiders and such...) ;-). It'll probably be forinspiration-uitreiking.jpg instead of just uitreiking.jpg, but I'll edit that comment for you, eventually.

Unfortunately, I left your pano on my other machine, which I have not been anywhere near to for the last few days...