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Splitscreen panoramas

Finishing up a SPi-V release can get a bit... boring at times. I mean, it's great to see people come up with creative uses of the engine, but staring at code to get that last bug out is not much fun. So yesterday evening I gave myself some time off to teach SPi-V a new trick I wanted to do for a long time now: splitscreen viewing

Two panoramas off the Euromast combined in a single view. I am not quite done lining up the two shots, but there's obviously quite some time between them.

This demo was created as an extension to SPi-V; this effect is somewhat involving to create, and I feel that including it in the standard SPi-V engine would make the engine bloated and overly complex. Instead, SPi-V can be extended by loading it into Director and building a 'shell' around it that extends the base engine to achieve a certain special effect.

In a similar fashion, I previously implemented a panorama viewer that does realtime cubic or cylindrical reprojection, unfolding the cubic or cylindrical environment around the viewer. 

The cylindrical viewer effectively shows you what happens if you put your camera at an angle while taking a cylindrical panorama... Have a look around, and be sure to look up and down as well as left to right. Just don't blame me for getting too nautious frm spinning that cylindrical viewer too long ;-).



The split screen is extremely cool. There might be other ways to combine the two panorama's (masks and stuff) but this works amazingly well.