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OS X 10.4.3: 3d offset bug FIXED!

Thomas Higgins picks up on my note on dir3d-l (after Iwan Baan told me) that OS X 10.4.3 has just been released and it finally fixes the 3d offset bug that has been paguing Shockwave 3d (and SPi-V) on Safari since version 1 (and the betas before).


Unfortunately, the user agent string is slightly different than what I expected from the nightly builds, so the current SPi-V 1.3 beta is not fully compatible with the fixed Safari. But I'll rectify that soon enough.Update: SPi-V 1.3 beta 10 is now available and fixes this incompatibility.

I'm psyched.

Now waiting is for the Safari team to fix richt text editing in Safari, and I'll finally be happy with the browser ;-)