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Exhibition stitchathon

My new exhibition at Galerie in de Weg opens this sunday, and lasts through januari. Last year, I had 2 shorter exhibits at the same gallery, and I'm quite psyched I'm getting the chance to do it again (thanks Ianus and Anneke). This year's exhibition is entitled 'expositie van 4 kanten' (which is a pun that does not really translate well).

Tessa is always trying to convince me that I have enough panoramas to show, but being my masochistic self I decided I needed all new prints and all new panoramas. So this weekend I held a full out stitchathon, working my way through what seemed like endless piles of unstitched panoramas, searching for that set of panoramas that I could do a square projection of (without using the same hyperbolic projection over and over again). So apart from the prints, I ended up with some rather nice new fullscreen panoramas too - though totally unrelated from eachother. Click each of the images below for the fullscreen panorama

Obelix, the longest crane in Europe lifts a multiple ton track in to place. After last year's exhibition in Dordrecht, I was invited by one of the crane operators to witness this operation early on oktober 10. This panorama was taken about an hour earlier, when the track was still about 50 meters away from where it now lays.

On june 23rd, I was rather amused to find the local semi-pro cyclists racing circles around 'de plantage', the park right outside Tessa and my (still relatively new) house. I think they did about 40 laps. By that time I was getting dizzy... The park is not all that big (you should just be able to see the bridge at the bottom of that view).

I got wet feet making this panorama last august. Though the horizon is somewhat uninspiring, I like the foam patterns and the shells just shining through the murky water. At the time I did not notice the halo around the sun. As you can see it was rather overcast. I can assure you though that it is not a lens artifact or a photoshop trick. It looks like it's a 22º halo