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Skizzie start up!

After long deliberation and consideration it finally has happened. Starting February I'm going freelance. Standing on my own two feet. It's kinda scary, no safety net, but also really exciting. My spanking new website is located at: Skizzie. I say "website" but really I mean "splash". At least until I find the time to design a real website. With any luck this will never happen because I'm way to busy ;-)
Skizzie logo
Finding a name for my new business was a bit hellish. Every name having some relevant meaning has already been taken in all human languages and all relevant web domains. At some point I was even leafing through the Latin dictionary trying to find something meaningful.When I decided to go with one of Aldo's suggestions I thought was sort of ok I found it to had been taken. Only two days before! Arch! Luckily my friend Karen decided to lend me a hand and during our brainstorm session we came up with "skizze". Which is german for "sketch". Of course, this to had already been taken. But "skiz" was still available. But somehow it didn't sound friendly enough. Then Aldo -bless his hairy head- suggested I add "ie" to the name. Most of the names I had considered up to that point ended with "ie". Probably because in Dutch this sounds really friendly if not a bit childlike. And that is how "skizzie" was born.

Next I designed a logo to accompany this friendly sounding name. As a company I want to portray an image that's friendly, accessible and professional. I didn't want a typical "guess what's my profession logo". You know the type. So I decided to work with the concepts of freedom, young, dynamic and of course friendly. This resulted in a logo portraying a young (friendly) bird flying of into the blue sky. One of my old bosses also saw something "fishlike" in the shape of the bird which added "like a fish in water" to "as free as a bird". I like it. Thank you Luuk ;-)

In essence I'm going to do the exact same thing as I did before as an employee. I design anything that can be printed. Books, flyers & posters, brochures, corporate identities, car lettering etc. Only this time I'm self employed. I hope I'll also be able to score some nice illustration gigs. Because that's what I really love doing.

I'd like to recommend myself for some fun assignments and new clients!