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WWPano: The middle of foggy nowhere

A couple of weeks ago, the 7th World Wide Panorama project was launched. This time over, the theme was 'energy'.

At the time of the event (late september) there were these very good looking foggy mornings. I knew this as I travel a lot by train in the early morning for my new job. So I decided to get up early on one of my fieldOfView days, and take a panorama of the foggy grasslands (there's also the fullscreen panorama, but you'll like the SPi-V version better. I made sure there were some powerlines in the panorama too, to fit in with the theme...

However, since I was up and about in the fields, I went on to do some more panoramas. I ended up in the middle of a group of sleepy cows. I was feeling a bit guilty I was waking them up; when I arrived at their field most of them were still lying on the ground, but they soon got up to check me out. I never knew cows were this... er... nosy. They ended up not only sniffing me out, but licking my tripod and camerastrap; I could only just stop them from slobbering my camera ;-)