Hi and welcome to Hoeben.net. This site hosts weblogs for the Hoeben family: Nelleke, Corine, Ben, Maarten, Aldo, Tessa, Janneke, Frank and Wopke.

Not all of us may start blogging right away, or at all. Also, don't be surpised if some of us start talking dutch... After all, it is our native language.

The black plague of S2 cameras(2)

So my S2 Pro died on friday April 22nd. I handed it in for repair on wednesday, April 27th. I finally received it back this morning, friday June 3rd, more than 6 weeks later!

What strikes me as odd, other than the fact that it took so much longer than some other repairs who quoted as little as 36 hours, is that Fuji in the Netherlands seems to be the only ones charging for the repair; Sure, Fuji NL didn't charge me for the replaced CCD, but it still cost me ~180 euro labour, whereas Fuji US, Fuji Canada and Fuji Germany are doing the same repair free of charge. I even phoned Fuji NL to inquire if they had more cameras with the same problem in the Netherlands, and they answered to the extend of  'yeah, we've quite a couple coming in'. Nice way to earn money for what looks suspiciously like a production flaw...


It's an Edo and it's Tyvek!

This was our second  joint tyvek project. A 2 ½ by 1 ½ meters Edo.

Our first Edo kite, 17 lines, what a nightmare...

Unfortunately I decided to use really expensive acrylic paint... The kind with a lot of pigment but hardly any glue :-( It looked really beautifull just after I had finished but then the flaking began. I've tried repairing it and putting it in the sun for numerous hours but it's no use, expensive paint sucks.


My first kite

This is my first home build kite, a Sanyo Rokaku Hakaku. Which is basically a "double Sanyo Rokaku. Rokaku means 6 sided, hakaku means 8 sided. It was built by Aldo, painted by me. It depicts a "Dragon Ball Z" dragon holding a dragon ball (left claw). We used to love watching that show on Sunday mornings. 2 hours (!) of sweet mind numbing entertainment. Untill the cable company cancelled the Cartoon Network channel. Grrr...


Lomo fisheye camera

Today I received a package containing no less than 4 cameras with fisheye lenses. "Business must be going well" you might think... Not that it isn't, but if I tell you the cameras are from Lomo, you might start to realise it's not actually all that impressive price-wise ;-)

The art of Lomography is to 'shoot from the hip'. From wikipedia:

While I'm at it...

Finally, finally I'm blogging, so lets keep going!

Ofcourse Pucca and Garu weren't my first kites. Although they were my first "experimental" kites. As in no traditional kite shape or building plan. They are my invention and they love showing this by flying... eh, enthousiastically energetic :-/. Let's just say they need a watchfull eye at all times.

My fist attempt at a Fuga kite


Presenting: Garu!!!

As promised by Aldo a couple of days ago; the presentation of Garu "the kite". Pucca is finally reunited with her beloved. He usually isn't to happy when this happens but we are!

garu and pucca together at last

Here are Garu and Pucca, together at last :-) Garu isn't completely finished in this picture and Pucca isn't wearing all of her sticks. But who cares!


HTC components in XP Service Pack 2 (2)

The page getting by far the most hits on the Hoeben.net site is my entry about HTC components in Windows XP SP2, due mostly thanks to a mention on Peter Nederlof's page about the csshover component (which I am currently using in the Hoeben.net site, thanks!).

I got a couple of questions on how to change the mime type of HTC files, especially if you don't have access to some server settings, and/or you are not that .htaccess saffy. On Hoeben.net I'm missing some override permissions, so I needed a workaround myself. Here's what I did...



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