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Your scheduled programming will continue shortly

If you're looking at the site now - instead of reading it through a feedreader - you will notice that the site looks... different. Otherwise, you might have noticed that the feed, along with the rest of the site has been offline multiple times this weekend.

Some serverside problems allegedly caused by 'scripts' on prodded me to bite the bullet and update to Drupal 5.x. The update did not go as smooth as I have come accustomed with Drupal updates, but things seem to be working ok now. I hope to reintroduce the subthemes for different sections of the site soon(ish).

Photokina 2006 panoramablog

 Photoshoot @ Leaf

Last week I visited Photokina, the largest photography tradefair in the world. The IVRPA was offered a booth at the fair, and part of the deal that got us the booth was us covering the event in interactive, fullscreen panoramas. I set up a special site for this event, and to this date we have about 60 panoramas up (50 of which were posted during the event).

New IVRPA site went public

If you've wondered why I have been so quiet, that's because I have been far too busy doing far too many things.
One of those things is building a new site for the IVRPA, which I just released to the world!

The new IVRPA website project started - ahem - more than a year back. Since then, I joined the IVRPA Board of Directors, and the new website has been my brainchild since. Like, and the SPi-V developers' site before, I based the IVRPA website on Drupal. But for the IVRPA site, I've had to take my Drupal knowledge to a whole new level. From advanced theming to lots of smaller and bigger patches contributed to the Drupal projects/modules that make the IVRPA site tick and even a small module of my own... To keep up with developments of the site, I recommend keeping an eye on my developer blog over at the new site.

Now running Drupal 4.7 is now running Drupal 4.7.2, the latest production release.

Still some things left to upgrade (most notably TinyMCE) and there's also some CSS tweaking left to do, but the good news is that search is back in working order. Anonymous comments are back (yes, they were gone for a while), but I'll have to see how well the 4.7 spam module works...

Search is (temporarily) out of order

The search facility is currently not returning any results. Sorry 'bout that.

I hope to be upgrading to Drupal 4.7 'soonish', but there's another big Drupal project in my way. More about that in a few days (I hope).

Update: The search facility has long since been restored.

Panoblogging from Reboot8.0

I am currently in Copenhagen attending Reboot 8.0. During the two day conference I'll be posting panoramas here. Since the conference is all about the social web 2.0 thing, I'm using Flickr and my new SPi-V for Flickr tool.
(requires shockwave and 32 mb of Video Ram or more)

opening words


Update time, in no particular order:

  • After a year I quit my job. I got fed up with the 4 hours a day commute, and decided to take my chance and try to be a fulltime panorama photographer -dash- mad scientist. I thought I'ld have lots of time on my hands now, to do all that I have been wanting to do for so long but couldn't. Alas, I am still too busy to do it all. Dang.
    As an aside, as far as I know, Avinity is still an interactiondesigner short, so if you're a designer with aspirations to influence how people spend a considerable part of their day, give them a lookover. They're a great team to work with.
  • Since my Eolas hack got famous (wow, it's just a silly hack!), jumped from ~400 visitors to around 1500 visits daily. Amazing.
  • is yet on another server, at another host.

Trackbacks disabled

Admin notice: Since the was being hit by trackback spam bots, I disabled trackbacks for the time being.


Where's the chatbox?!

Ola everybody, and the moderators in special,

 I see that Aldo is online, hi Aldo!! Why can't we chat here?! That's about it for now... Sorry, new entries in the near future...

Topics: on a new server (2)

You might have noticed that now feels downright zippy. And you're about right too. After reading this article and this comment, pages served from are now zipped before they are sent over, and your browser unzips them automatically.

Now, apparently, not every browser supports gzipped pages. So anyone who can't read this post, just leave a comment ;-)

So as it's turning out, after some initial getting used to, it seems that moving to a new server may not have been such a bad thing afterall (though I still have to find me a new way to upload and include images etc)...



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