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Update time, in no particular order:

  • After a year I quit my job. I got fed up with the 4 hours a day commute, and decided to take my chance and try to be a fulltime panorama photographer -dash- mad scientist. I thought I'ld have lots of time on my hands now, to do all that I have been wanting to do for so long but couldn't. Alas, I am still too busy to do it all. Dang.
    As an aside, as far as I know, Avinity is still an interactiondesigner short, so if you're a designer with aspirations to influence how people spend a considerable part of their day, give them a lookover. They're a great team to work with.
  • Since my Eolas hack got famous (wow, it's just a silly hack!), jumped from ~400 visitors to around 1500 visits daily. Amazing.
  • is yet on another server, at another host.
    I'm pretty impressed by the connection speed/cost ratio at Dreamhost. They host, and now they also host We'll see how they like the bandwidth hungry experiment I'm launching later this week ;-)
  • I turned trackbacks back on, tollerated them for a while, and turned them back off again.
    In the ~9 months they were enabled, attracted around 53.000 spam trackbacks, and 3 real trackbacks. Most of the spam was detected as such, but honestly, who thought of the mechanism and didn't realise the spam-danger? Oh well, they looked crap anyway...


... was that had its 2nd birthday the day before I made the post above. How time flies...