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Where's the chatbox?!

Ola everybody, and the moderators in special,

 I see that Aldo is online, hi Aldo!! Why can't we chat here?! That's about it for now... Sorry, new entries in the near future...


Franky L in Tha House

Ola Hoebers and specially Hoebje (if she'll ever read here...)

Well, I guess that I'm online at the Hoeben Weblog. Well, nice things to do around here... Hmmm, I'm only not that superfammiliair with html encoding, so there'll be a lot of handtyped stuff from my side.

What's going on lately. I'm busy (o yeah? YEAH!) with the completion of my study International Economics and Economic Geography at the University of Utrecht, NL. It;s about time to start working on my final thesis.

Furthermore am I trying to enjoy my last half year of the good ol' college life. Because after december this year I'll be pounding in the big pond of workers, working hard every day until our pension do us part (the work and me, of course...)

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