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Gearing up for Sziget 2009

Like the past couple of years, Andras Frenyo has invited me to join him covering the Sziget festival in fullscreen panoramas. Tomorrow is zero-day, but the festival does not really start until wednesday. I'll be leaving for Budapest tomorrow morning.

Balkan Fanatik

Wohoo, I am famous!

I warned you about this: I am getting famous! I got featured on the front page of the blog of Dutch technology lifestyle magazine Bright!

Here's a couple of videos of me at this summer's panorama conferences, showing the setup I brouight to Bright, as well as some others:

    Adobe Bridge CS3 Geotagger

    When I've been working too hard on projects that take a lot of energy, I often indulge myself in doing something completely different (though Tessa would argue that it's still behind a computer, so it is not all that different).

    Sziget 2007 panoramas

    For the third year, I joined Andras Frenyo shooting panoramas at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

    Tessa said Yes!

    After climbing 545 meter over an 13 km hike, I asked Tessa to marry me. Fortunately, Tessa said 'yes', under the watchful eyes of three marmots. Click the image to enjoy the moment (and to find the marmots).

    Photokina 2006 panoramablog

     Photoshoot @ Leaf

    Last week I visited Photokina, the largest photography tradefair in the world. The IVRPA was offered a booth at the fair, and part of the deal that got us the booth was us covering the event in interactive, fullscreen panoramas. I set up a special site for this event, and to this date we have about 60 panoramas up (50 of which were posted during the event).

    Sziget 2006 in fullscreen panoramas

    Like last year, I will be joining Andras Frenyo (and friends), capturing the Sziget festival in fullscreen panoramas. Sziget in Budapest, Hungary, is probably the largest pop festival in Europe.

    The festival started today, but I won't be joining the gang until saturday... There are already some fullscreen pre-festival panoramas up on the Sziget 2006 page. Hang in there guys! And keep some venues for me to cover ;-) But even if you beat me to all the nice spots, I'll bring my IR lens and have another view on things anyway. And I'm bringing a surprise!

    Panoblogging from Reboot8.0

    I am currently in Copenhagen attending Reboot 8.0. During the two day conference I'll be posting panoramas here. Since the conference is all about the social web 2.0 thing, I'm using Flickr and my new SPi-V for Flickr tool.
    (requires shockwave and 32 mb of Video Ram or more)

    opening words

    Portsmouth kite festival panoramas

    It's been over a month since I returned from my odyssee. I have finally put some of the panoramas I took during the first leg online; the Portsmouth International Kite Festival 2005.

    Just in time for the festival, Tessa finished the new, spinaker nylon version of our Edo (the previous version of this kite was made of Tyvek). The kite made its maiden flight on the Portsmouth festival, like it's Tyvek predecessor before it at the 2003 festival. And like the Tyvek version, we had a lot of "fun" with the 17 bridle lines (each more than 30 meters), much to the amusement of some of the other kiters. Normally we have the bridles down, we can do this, but just not in Portsmouth, it seems. Anyway, the edo flew nicely, even in very low winds. And when an edo is not in the sky, it makes a very nice sunscreen (pano) ;-)

    My summer oddysee

    If, in my next weblog entries, I am talking about my oddysee, this is what I refer to...

    On august 26th at around 5 am, Tessa and I set off to Hoek of Holland, to catch a ferry. We were  going to Portsmouth, to attend the annual International Kite Festival. We returned in the night from monday to tuesday at around 2 in the morning.

    The ... er ... same morning at 7 am, I left for Schiphol airport to take a plane to Dublin, to attend and present on Eurographics (missing Tessa's birthday, sorry Tessa). EG was nice to have experienced, though at times it was hard to relate to the hardcore GPU programmers there ('yes, I make and look at bare environment maps, all day long'). Friday morning, 3 am I took a cab to Dublin airport to return to Schiphol, the Netherlands.



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