You are here on a new server was migrated to a new server by our ISP. Apparently, it is all for the best, but I am not 100% impressed with the process; I had to get a bit too nitty gritty with .htaccess to my liking to get things to work, and they 'forgot' to migrate our images (sorry Tessa). I hope I can get them back... 

Perhaps I am spoiled by speedy response of the new Drupal server park, but I think currently feels quite sluggish (and I am getting intermittent DNS hickups it seems). Anyhow, we'll see how this progresses.

PS: itself had a nervous breakdown, but I made it to the thank-you poster. Woot!

Update: Images are back, but there's no easy way to add new images as of yet :-(

Update 2: The DNS hickups I was talking about were no DNS hickups. Turns out the server would just stop sending over the document halfway through sending the headers. Internet Explorer would send a "The page can not be displayed" error, but Firefox just would not do anything until I reloaded and got the whole page.

After some tinkering thinking the page may take too long to execute on the server, I found a couple of references to the server running out of memory. Not that I actually saw any of those errors except once, but the fix seems to have helped. I still think feels slow though...



My bwoetifoel piktjures...

Hey the Oostende picture is still working!?

Not all pictures are/were stored on the server. I have the bad habbit of deep-linking to images on other servers ;-). The oostende picture(s) you are refering to are on the fieldOfView website

The pictures have been retreived, I just need to find a good way to put them back :-(

Where can I find you on the poster?

Down the middle, studioPKO

No worries, I always keep copies of my posted images. Forgot to tell you... Sowwie