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Your scheduled programming will continue shortly

If you're looking at the site now - instead of reading it through a feedreader - you will notice that the site looks... different. Otherwise, you might have noticed that the feed, along with the rest of the site has been offline multiple times this weekend.

Some serverside problems allegedly caused by 'scripts' on prodded me to bite the bullet and update to Drupal 5.x. The update did not go as smooth as I have come accustomed with Drupal updates, but things seem to be working ok now. I hope to reintroduce the subthemes for different sections of the site soon(ish).

Update: Fancy CSS menus are back... I have 'forked' the Garland theme, and am calling it Gumm. Get it?


There's some fuzziness going on with posting comments on the new system, hence this test.
Sorry for the inconvenience...

The fuzziness centered around posting comments as anonymous users. I think the Captcha module may have been at fault, so I have disabled it for this test.

I do have to type some meaningfull text in this comment though, because otherwise the spam module will not allow me to post. Arg!

More incognito testing, now that I have switched to akismet for spam-checks. Out with spam.module, in with akismet.module and captcha.module!

Over the past few months, was hit with ~16000 spam comments, hence the anti-spam measures.