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Presenting: Garu!!!

As promised by Aldo a couple of days ago; the presentation of Garu "the kite". Pucca is finally reunited with her beloved. He usually isn't to happy when this happens but we are!

garu and pucca together at last

Here are Garu and Pucca, together at last :-) Garu isn't completely finished in this picture and Pucca isn't wearing all of her sticks. But who cares!

Garu and Pucca at the Oostende Kite FestivalHere is a picture of Pucca and Garu flying at the Oostende Kite Festival. As usually, Pucca is trying to steal the show. She loves doing loops.

You've probably noticed the slightly mondaine sled kite in the top of the picture and maybe've wondered what's it doing there.

Eh, from the beginning on we planned on having an "parachute" kite attached to Garu because he's falling from the sky (you'd might already've noticed he's wearing his flying goggles). But at the moment he needs his parachute to stay airborne :-/ Hopefully this will change in the future because it's not very dignified for a stick-kite to be anchored in the sky by a soft kite. The parachute is meant as a flowform.



Here's why Garu has a parachute:

WOW!!! I will pucca and garu kites! how much money? I'm from Italy

Both kites are 'one-offs' and not for sale. I think we would get into trouble with Vooz club if we started to produce/sell these kites.

Thanks for the enthusiasm though!