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My first kite

This is my first home build kite, a Sanyo Rokaku Hakaku. Which is basically a "double Sanyo Rokaku. Rokaku means 6 sided, hakaku means 8 sided. It was built by Aldo, painted by me. It depicts a "Dragon Ball Z" dragon holding a dragon ball (left claw). We used to love watching that show on Sunday mornings. 2 hours (!) of sweet mind numbing entertainment. Untill the cable company cancelled the Cartoon Network channel. Grrr...

My first kite, a double sanyo rokaku, built by aldo, painted by me

Aldo decided to build a double Rokaku beacuse he wanted to experiment with a two line Rokaku. It actually worked pretty good but now we just fly it with a single line. An added advantage of a double Rokaku is that it has more surface to paint on :-) Aldo had already experimented with building kites using tyvek. He passed the bug on to me :-) We've come to be known as "team tyvek". Which is kind of silly because we haven't got that many tyvek kites.

Tyvek is a great building material, it's fairly cheap, well... less expensive than kite cloth. Which allows for a little experimentation. Best of all, you can draw on it! I prefer using cheap acrylic paint. The cheapest paint I can get because that kind contains the most glue which is really important if you prefer your image to stay put.

Tip: after you finish your drawing put your kite in the sunshine for a good couple of hours. This "bakes" the glue into the fabric. It really helps.



Tyvek rules!

hey so that was really col but where and when was the first kite made it is for school i get to make one of thoses in my tec-ed class cool.

this kite looks amazing...
did you make that or did you find it on te internet?

he definately made that.
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It obviously was painted by him because people don't usualy lie about kite making and it couldn't be an antient kite because they didn't have nylon...... Duh?!?

yeah well he did
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and yeah he did ppl don't lie about making kites this nice.!

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hi man how´re u?

well i read ur blog and im interest in build a double rokaku and i want to know if u can send me the blueprints of ur kite.
my mail is

thanx 4 everything

Francisco Campos Herrera
Colombian kiteman.