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Immersive imaging, panoramic photography

SPi-V is available

I can't believe I 'missed' this. Back in november, I finally released SPi-V to the world. Here's another fine press release, along with some new demos.

I sold a couple of licenses already. It's pretty exciting to see what other photographers are doing with the engine. Though most use SPi-V just to display panoramic images, some (try to) do more exciting stuff. Greg Downing asked my help in doing a cool super zoom panorama.

When you've just moved in, every day is boxing day!

Tessa and I have finally moved to our new home. Actually, we had some professional help moving our stuff over to the new appartment on december 17th, but we're still not done painting walls etc.

Before we moved in, I took a panoramic image of all the rooms. I was 'simply' planning to do a before and after transition, like I did before at the ID-Studiolab. Something I hadn't thought of immediately was that I could use the panoramic image to pick and evaluate different paint colors. We finally settled with 'rich' and 'trout' for the living room (how do they come up with these names?)

Announcing SPi-V

In the wake of Photokina 2004, fieldOfView announced the anticipated first release of the SPi-V engine.

The SPi-V engine (short for Shockwave Panorama Viewer, pronounced 'spiffy') is fieldOfView's hardware accelerated panorama viewing engine.

Panoramic kite photography

Frank sent me an email with a link to Scott Haefner's kite born panoramic images. That must mean Scot's site made it to the blogosphere once more. I thought this would make a good first entry for the kite topic...

The first kite panoramas I saw are by Philippe Hurbain. Scott's panoramas may look better (lower position, more interesting locations), but Philo really is a genius. Apart from kiteborn panoramas he also invented the virtual tripod or 'Philopod', which I use exclusively for my panoramic photography.

GPS drawing

Brilliantly useless, utterly cool: GPS drawing. Some of the graphs are avaliable in a nice Shockwave based viewer too.

I wish I had that much time...

Verdraaid! Exhibition

The second installment of my very own panoramic photography exhibition starts this sunday.

My friend, de facto agent and colleague Ianus and his wife Anneke are kind enough to let me back in after the first part of my exhibition back in april. Doing an exhibition of your work is definately a rush. I'm pretty excited with some of the new stuff that I will be showing.

Now if only I would sell, say... 90 prints, I can buy myself that Spheron camera I was talking about ;-)


Camera news

DPReview has some news about Fuji's upcoming S3 camera.

I'm using an S2 for my panoramic photography, and am very happy with the camera. If the Canon 300D and/or Nikon 70D would have come out sooner, I would have probably bought one of those, but in the end I think it is a good thing I went for the S2. It's a great camera.

Now the S3 is something I'm really looking forward to. Many people are whining it is only such a small update from the S2. No 'professional body', no full frame sensor and no actual higher resolution. The only major new feature is increased dynamic range. And that's exactly the feature I was hoping for ;-)

the commandLine on OSX

Yesterday I got all excited about this post on Not because of the apple script hack to send a command to a Director Projector in OS X, but because of this sentence:

"Beware: 'the commandLine' doesn't get set for a few seconds after launch."

Ain't it SPi-V?

As part of my Ain't it SPi-V? tour, I'm off to Stuttgart in about an hour.

The tour basically is me attending a couple of cool events, showcasing the panoramic display I have been developing over the past year and a half or so. If you have never seen my panoramic work, you'ld better check out, though those demos are beginning to get quite old. The SPi-V engine is starting to reach a stage where ik can make it public, so expect some cool new demos in the coming months.


Kinderdijk: Panoramic kitsch

Following the succes of this first World Wide Panorama weekend back in march, where I participated despite of the bad wheather, last weekend saw second attempt at showing the world what panoramic imaging is all about.

Whereas last time round, every photographer was free to make a pano of whatever wherever he/she was during the designated weekend, this time there was a theme: it was decided to support Tito Dupret's initiative and make panoramas of World Heritage sites.



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