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When you've just moved in, every day is boxing day!

Tessa and I have finally moved to our new home. Actually, we had some professional help moving our stuff over to the new appartment on december 17th, but we're still not done painting walls etc.

Before we moved in, I took a panoramic image of all the rooms. I was 'simply' planning to do a before and after transition, like I did before at the ID-Studiolab. Something I hadn't thought of immediately was that I could use the panoramic image to pick and evaluate different paint colors. We finally settled with 'rich' and 'trout' for the living room (how do they come up with these names?)

Most of our stuff is still in boxes littering our rooms. You would expect that once you have unpacked a 'critical mass' of stuff you need daily, the frequency of needing something that's still packed would decrease... But I'm not really seing that.

On december 1st my ADSL connection was finally restored, so even though we're living in between boxes, life and blogging can now go on ;-)