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Ain't he cute?

A while ago Frank asked us (Aldo & me) to create a cover for his thesis. Since Aldo is always swinging any number from 2 to 8 jobs at a time and I was having a bit of spare time between jobs I decided to take on the challenge.

Posting pictures has become a bit of a hassle due to the fact that has been moved to a new server. I certainly don't have a clue as how to post a picture at the moment and I'm sure neither does Frank so... That is why I asked my dear poemsiepoem aka gold medal winner, aka sitemaster, aka mama, aka broertje aka etc. (he's so multi-faceted) to do so instead. 'Cos he's really smart. Aaaaaand, here's the result!

Frank holding his freshly printed covers 

I couldn't deprive you all of this really cute shot of Frank holding his freshly printed covers :-) And of course I don't mind boasting a little. I think I did rather well :-) Janneke told me Frank cried a little when he first saw my design... sob..., now I'm crying to!

I certainly won't be crying when we receive our thank-you-dinner :-)