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Menu system update

I slightly changed how the menus.module displays menu blocks. menus.module allows you to add custom menu blocks to Drupal's navigation system, based on taxonomy vocabularies.

Specifically, I added the possibility to make the title of the menu block a link. You can see this in action in the top menu bar, as requested demanded by Ianus.

Now, I can hear you say 'Those are no blocks! That's some fancy DHTML menu!'. But it isn't. Look at the source, or disable stylesheets if you want to, and you will see there is no DHTML there, just styled <UL>s. Underneath the CSS, these blocks look exactly the same as any other block.

Another addition to menus.module is still somewhat a work in progress: My menus can now also be displayed as a page, as opposed to in a block. Try the topics menu or family member menu and see. The reason for making this addition is I needed to have a page describing all topics for the title link of the topics menu. I still want to change the appearance of the page slightly, adding the topic descriptions as plain text instead of as a tooltip.

One of the benefits of the newly enhanced menu system is that if you are using a CSS impaired browser that displays only half of the CSS properly, you will now still be able to navigate the full site and reach all pages. Touchscreen systems are similarly affected, since pure touchscreens do not support hovering the pointer, so the CSS based menu will not pop up untill you have clicked.

I am probably not going to submit patches to the menus.module though; partly because I am notoriously inept at making patches, but also because the module will be deprecated by menu.module in Drupal 4.5 when it is released. I'll see if I can easily adapt my changes to that module.

In related news I fixed some IE specific CSS bugs to keep Maarten happy...

PS: You gotta love the Powered by Drupal button in the menu ;-)


It never pays to make patches. Upgrades come out right after you do...