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I'm moving!

One of the reasons I'm not being an active blogger, besides the fact this blogging is new to me and I'm just a busy guy, is that Tessa and I are in the process of buying a house. Exciting stuff!

Problem is we can not move into the house untill the current owners move out. We agreed on a date no later than december 1st. We're hoping we'll move before our current house collapses...

In the mean time, since I'm too much of a nervous wreck to do any decent work, I have been working on some improvements on the website. See the calender to the left and the family list to the right. Cool eh? I'm working on a new theme to replace the current stock PushButton, where the menu(s) on the right will move to the top as CSS dropdown menus. This theme will be fully CSS based, giving each of my family members the opportunity to change the style of their weblogs.