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Hoeben theme?

So what's taking so long with the all new and spiffy theme that I have been promising, apart from the ever-popular excuse of not having the time?

Basically, CSS is. I want to change the two menus on the left to be nice hierarchical dropdowns at the top of the page. That shouldn't be too hard (even with some IE specific CSS deficiencies), but I want to do as little hacking into Drupal's xtemplate theming system as possible, which makes it just that bit harder to accomplish.

One of the reasons for not wanting to hack into the template system is that Drupal 4.5 will be released shortly, which apparently includes a number of changes in the theming system. I'm hoping xtemplate.module will work as an abstraction layer for these changes. And I will want to upgrade to 4.5 as it promises to include better image/file uploading and management, something I have been waiting for for


Well, work is now officially underway. The top navigation does not work on IE for the time being, though a fix was examined locally. I am sure there are still some CSS incompatibilities, such as IE not yet displaying sub-topics, but I'll work that out later... Oops! Forgot my own discovery about HTC components on XP SP2. The top menu is broken on IE on XP SP2, will fix later...

This 'hoeben theme' looks a lot like the Wordpress Rubric theme, but I'm not done yet ;-). I started with Cyberdash' Rubric version, which explains the similarities.

The 'theme' is no more than an xtemplate and a set of css files at the moment. No hacking into xtemplate.module as of yet, to ensure future compatibility. I am going to have to make some changes though, as I want my familty to be able to have a custom style applied to their weblog, and probably even have a css file for each topic.




I adjusted the look of the Sunflower theme. Also I corrected some minor disturbances in the layout.

I wanted also some navigation as a horizontal dropdown menu. I do not know how the remove the main navigation (adminstration etc. ). Do you?

Anyway I succeeded to add a menu and it works. Strangly sometimes this menu is not visible whem some pages are accessed. Strange, because the JAVASCRIPT has to be linked. The source contains it. Maybe a theme thing. I do not know.

I look forward to this theme. :-)

PSE take a look at

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Well, the secret to the theme will be that it is fully CSS based. No tables, no javascript. Not even for the dropdown-menus.

On what code is this menu based? And also: when is this THEME released? Could you create also a version with a left and right section instead with only the left section?

I am still looking for a menu structure like here. No luck with implementing my own puldownmenu on my own website. Could you help me please?...

Grtz. Henk

The menus are based on CSS. No scripting involved (other than fixing some CSS implementation bugs in IE). If you want to see what the site looks like without the CSS, try copying and pasting this line into your browser Address line (it will instruct the browser to disable all stylesheets for the current page):

javascript:var i=0;if(document.styleSheets.length>0){cs=!document.styleSheets[0].disabled;for(i=0;i<document.styleSheets.length;i++) document.styleSheets[i].disabled=cs;};void(cs=true);

You'll see that the top menu is actually the left column in drupal, so it will be hard to create left, right AND top menus. You could ofcourse adapt the technique and fill the primary and/or secondary links with the necessary UL and LI tags. This would leave the menu columns free, but it would be a lot harder to put dynamic content into the top menu.

The theme itself is a very bare and simple xtemplate. The magic is in the css file, and the set of scripts to fix IE.

Nice new look, although I found the previous one fancier.

Some more deficiencies though; the menus appear under controls, and the edit field extends beyond the browser.