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Gearing up for Sziget 2009

Like the past couple of years, Andras Frenyo has invited me to join him covering the Sziget festival in fullscreen panoramas. Tomorrow is zero-day, but the festival does not really start until wednesday. I'll be leaving for Budapest tomorrow morning.

Balkan Fanatik

Red Bull Air Race Gigapixel panorama

I've been working on an automated panorama head for a while (more about that in a later post), and wanted to see how far I could push it. This weekend, the Red Bull Air Race in Rotterdam provided an interesting view, and after a lot of stitching my very first gigapixel panorama was the result.

Click the image for a zoomable version.

Habemus Datum

June 6, 2008


Kite Aerial Adventures at Sziget

In november, VRMag returned with a brand new issue. Marco Trezzini chose one of my Sziget panoramas for the interactive index of the issue. The issue got a very nice mention on boingboing. If you just glance over the article on boingboing, it is almost as if John Gaeta is talking about my panorama ;-)

Some seriously good news for Mac enthusiasts

The good news I have is not the imminent release of Apple's new version of OS X.

Wohoo, I am famous!

I warned you about this: I am getting famous! I got featured on the front page of the blog of Dutch technology lifestyle magazine Bright!

Here's a couple of videos of me at this summer's panorama conferences, showing the setup I brouight to Bright, as well as some others:

    Adobe Bridge CS3 Geotagger

    When I've been working too hard on projects that take a lot of energy, I often indulge myself in doing something completely different (though Tessa would argue that it's still behind a computer, so it is not all that different).

    Sziget 2007 panoramas

    For the third year, I joined Andras Frenyo shooting panoramas at the Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

    Rotterdam Zomer Carnaval

    There are so many stories still to tell about Tessa's and my trip, but as an intermezzo I shot this panorama at the Rotterdam Summer Carnival:

    Click the image for the interactive panorama.

    Today's Rotterdam Summer Carnival attracted just under a million spectators. This makes the Rotterdam carnival one of the largest in Europe.


    Tessa said Yes!

    After climbing 545 meter over an 13 km hike, I asked Tessa to marry me. Fortunately, Tessa said 'yes', under the watchful eyes of three marmots. Click the image to enjoy the moment (and to find the marmots).


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