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Shockwave updated for Vista

Shockwave on VistaAdobe released an update for Shockwave yesterday, with better support for Vista.

In my cursory test of the new release on a machine using Vista, it seems that hardware acceleration of Shockwave 3d content is working again! SPi-V content now works like you'ld expect it; nice and smooth.

Next on the confirmed list of things to come: Updates for Mac Intel and unicode!

PS: I wonder how many people are going to 'get' the logo mashup I did ;-) No, that's not the new Shockwave logo.



Hey i need help on how to update shockwave on vista but the only issue is it comes up with messeage that says something like a error happend when copying files please make sure u have a rewrittable hardrive but at leese 4 mb ect but i have 200 Gb of hard drive wtf is going on??

Are you using the 32bit or 64bit version of Vista?

I don't have a copy of Vista running ATM, but you may want to try running the Shockwave Uninstaller (from here) and give the installer another go.