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Panamorphosis table @ Bright Live

Back in december last year, I participated in the first Bright Live event; an 'innovative lifestyle' event organised by Dutch lifestyle magazine Bright.

At the fair, I demonstrated my first foray in panoramic video; the panamorphosis table. This setup combines current technology (hd video, beamers) and very old tricks (cylindrical mirrors) to share a panoramic experience with more people. It is still very much a work in progress, and Ianus and I barely got it working in time for Bright Live.

The reason I'm posting about the panamorphosis table now is that Ianus stumbled upon this video interview with me shot at the event. The video was shot by the Young Design Network. I had forgotten all about the interview, and had no idea I was featured this prominently in the report. I'm famous!

This project will be one of the panorama projects I will highlight during one of my sessions at the International VR Photography Conference in Berkeley this june. I'll post more info and videos of the panamorphosis table after the event.

PS: interesting how lets you use their player and bandwidth without a link-back or branding...



G'day Aldo,

Your work on the Table is brilliant, we all knew you were talented, but who knew you could create amazing software and hardware :)

Thanks, Aaron.

Hey Aaron, thanks for your kind words. Any chance you're going to make it to the conference in Berkeley? There's lots more where this came from ;-)

Aldo, I would dearly love to get to the conference, but from the opposite side of the world it is very expensive. That and if I was travelling so far, I'd HAVE to allow time to shoot heaps of Panos everywhere I go, and since I'm already on the other side of the world, why not go home via the UK to visit family & shoot more Panos. Soon enough I'm planning to be away for months :) Only problem is my wife and 2yr old boy won't have a bar of that, not to mention it would put a hold on my business.

So to cut a long story short, I'm still considering it, but I doubt very much I'll get there.

Thanks, Aaron.

I'll make sure to make some interesting posts about my recent work then...

OK, after discounting the possibility of attending the conference, I got real, deleted all requirements for a long stay and around the world trip. Called up a parent who usually has large amounts of 'flyer miles' from business spending & to cut a long story short. I'm booked into the conference and very excited about it :) It's still costing me a packet, but only 1/2 the packet I thought it would cost me ;)

Thanks, Aaron.

Wow, that's great! Looking forward to meeting you.