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Loco Roco is sooo cute (and addictive too)

To celebrate our upcoming vacation, Tessa and I went to see the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'. Having had great laughs watching Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow in the first movie, both of us found the sequel disappointing.

The evening was not a total loss though; after the movie I had a spare few minutes waiting for Tessa, and was attracted to one of those Playstation stands we have in our cinemas. It turned out not to have a PS2, but a PSP instead. The PSP was running a game with cute yellow blobs rolling around, and I was sold in an instant. Everything from the intuitive controls, to the convincing physics based animation and the ever so cute music made perfect sense.

Back at home, googling for 'psp yellow blobs' soon learned me that the game was called 'Loco Roco'. Because Tessa and I were to embark on an epic all-train trip to Portsmouth, and with Tessa's birthday coming up, I decided to do the man-thing and buy a gift for Tessa that I probably liked even better than her... She got the game, I got the PSP ;-)

Ofcourse, the fool that I am, the first thing I did after unpacking the PSP unit was to configure wireless networking and update the firmware to 2.8, thus preventing me from running homebrew software on the PSP for now. Fortunately, since then work is underway to hack around this. At some point, it would be cool if I could have a panorama viewer on the device.



Tja, waar bioscopen tegenwoordig goed voor zijn. Ik heb Loco Roco ook gespeeld in de bioscoop en vond het ook vreselijk verslavend. Goed nieuws dat jullie nu een PSP en het spel hebben, komen Ben en ik binnenkort weer een keer logeren :). Of, jullie bij ons en dan nemen jullie de PSP mee (het is natuurlijk een heeeele lange reis):).

Ik had al zo'n vermoeden dat het een Corine-spelletje was.

You probably already know by now, but you can downgrade / hack the PSP firmware up to 3.03 now. Anything above 3.03 and you cannot at the date and time of this post.

Thanks for the headsup. Yes, I downgraded my PSP a good while ago, and am now running a 3.0x OE flavor. Homebrew is working, but I have had very little time to brew my own...