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Equirectangular group on Flickr

It's always fun to discover people using the SPi-V engine. When the Flickr blog featured an equirectangular photo by hangglide, I found out that Flickr has a small but loyal following of SPi-V in the equirectangular group. They are using SPi-V to display their panoramas, directly off the fieldOfView site.

Cool as that might be, there's a security limitation in Shockwave that pops up a dialog box when a Shockwave movie (such as SPi-V) tries to access files from a different domain than the one the movie itself is hosted on. To work around this, I have implemented a make-shift php-based proxy, that maskerades images on Flickr servers as a local image on the same server as the SPi-V movie.

Without further ado, here's the link to the latest 10 images posted to Flickr with the 'equirectangular tag', presented as SPi-V fullscreen panoramas:

The script transforms rss feeds on flickr to xml files for SPi-V (using XSLT), so you get a nice menu to choose more panoramas from, as well as a credit line. It can do lots more, but since the proxying of many (large) images from Flickr could potentially kill my bandwidth, I will only gradually disclose all features that the script has.


just seen the link on flickr - this is brilliant
many thanks

Very nice group, what do you do in that kind of places? you should try to join our flickr group